Porst 135 1.8: A lens to play with

Porst 135 1.8: A lens to play with

Lens construction:


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You have to learn what the lens can do for you!

- The strong CA gives special effects!!! The saturation has to be increased.

- Of course at 1.8 its not a sharp lens: see below


Starting with 5.6 its beginning to be sharp!

I mean that special mystic effects can be achieved. First see the BOKEH: see below

The Bokeh is excellent, or isnt it?

Now see examples, first all wide open 1.8! Next 3 times Forest with 5.6!

The first shot,  titled ScreamAndShout,  has almost only one of the flowers sharp:

Great DOF effects, the CA in the front are also visible, but nice?





Second one example for portrait work. Great lens .... soft enough, perfect DOF


More samples ...... enjoy





Now the 5.6: I have the feeling good combination: bokeh and sharpness: