Yongnuo 40 2.8 Pancake for Nikon F&DX

The Yongnuo 40mm, 2.8:

The Pancake Lens for Nikon F&DX

Review by Dr. Jörg Vetter

pdf for download:Yongnuo40.pdf

Tech Specifications

• Focal length: 40mm

• Mount: Nikon F

• Max/Min aperture: f/2.8 – f/22

• Minimum focus distance – 0.3m

• Maximum magnification: 0,18x

• AF: DC motor

• Aperture blades: 6, stops down to make effect of 12 stars.

• Two focus modes: AF + Manual

• Glass: 6 Elements in 4 Groups

• Filter thread: 58mm

• Dimensions : 74mm x 45mm • Weight:130g

• Aspheric l for compensation of aberrations. ATTENTION: onion bokeh effects see example

• Multilayer coating

• Mount: chrome plated metal mount

• Contacts: gold-plated metal contacts


The Good

• Smaller than any other AF lens Nikon is offering.

• AF speed and accuracy is pretty good when using the software update:

V1.02 http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detaily.php?ID=402

• Image quality at 2.8 (wide open) is decent, if you are not a pixel-peeper.

• “Macro”: the minimum focusing distance ca. 0.3 m gives a kind of macro feeling, see examples.

• The colour impression of the shots is good.

The Bad

- The lens seems to be not waterproof.

- The MF ring gives a “plastic” feeling, but it works well.

- Add your own experience ...

 Enjoy the shots

Shake Your Booty

D750, ISO 200, A = 2.8, 1/60, Focus distance 0,32 m, built in flash on

European Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

D750, ISO 200, A = 2.8, 1/80

 Hypholoma lateritium, sometimes called brick cap

D750, ISO 200, A = 2.8, 1/100

Just A Stone

D750, ISO 200, A = 2.8, 1/25

Explore it

D750, ISO 1600, A = 3,2, 1/15

Coming in

D750, ISO 640, A = 6.3, 1/320


D750, ISO 640, A = 6.3, 1/80


Some Additional Tests

- Distortion

The lens itself has slight barrel distortion. Do not use the internal correction of distortion. In case of the Nikon D750 you will generate a pincushion distortion. Switch it off!

D750, ISO 200, A = 2.8, 1/125

- Onion-Ring Bokeh

Onion-Ring bokeh effects are caused by the use of aspheric elements in the lens, and the way they are manufactured.

A lot of lenses show that effect, e.g. Sigma 24-70, 2.8 DG / Canon 16-35, 2.8/ Canon 24-70,2.8 but also CV NOKTON 50, 1.5/NOCTILUX, 1.2 and 0,95 and many more. I stressed the test by flash operation. The Yungnuo 40 shows strong onion-ring effects, only if I use the built in flash particular in areas of extreme reflections. Normally you will not see that, like in the normal “macro” shots shown in this review.






D750, ISO 800, A = 2.8, 1/60, built in flash on

The Final Word

- Yes it is an useable autofocus-capable pancake lens for Nikon. For less than 100 E, this lens is a value.

- Optically it is a lens for snap shots, but not for sports photography or birds! The AF needs some time.

- The build quality is acceptable, better than many of kit lenses which have only a plastic mount.

- I will have it with me, if a go with my large zoom lenses.

- Hint: yes the Nikon 50 1.8 D is a smaller lens, but the AF works only for F not for DX!