Trioplan 100 2.8

TRIOPLAN 100 2.8

This lens stands for one thing: MAGIC BOKEH!

It is brilliant for macros and portraits.

This lens can give photos a touch to be a "painting"!

Yes, the Trioplan 100 is one of these lens types that you either love or hate. Wide open you will get the swirling bokeh, but the images are very soft and blurred in the corners. Although the unique painting effect and feel of the images can be fascinating, you have to live with the lack of sharpness.

Some technical data:

- 15 blades iris for a beautiful bokeh also at closed aperture, circular

- preset aperture for fast selection

- focuses down to 1.1 m or 3.6 ft (distance-scales in meter and foot)

- preset aperture: continuous from f/2.8 - f/22 (presets in half stops from 2.8 to 5.6, from 5.6 to 22 in whole stops)

- filter M49.5×0.75 mm

- lenght: without cup/ with cup 92 mm/105 mm

- weight: without/ with cup ... ca. 600 g
- maximal diameter (focusing ring) 60 mm


If you have the following engraving:

Meyer-Optik Goerlitz – seriell number- a 1 in a triangle-  Trioplan 1:2.8/100 – red V
- 1 in a triangle - mark stands for highest quality made in German Democratic Republic - Now Germany
- red V - mark stands for quality lens coating

Test results: resolution and bokeh for different apertures

Please notice, that the following test results are based on my particular lens in combination with a FX (Nikon D750), might be that other lenses show a little bit other characteristics, especially when using APS sensors.



A/2.8: “Some” resolution in the centre but very low contrast. Midframe area is not sharp and shows even lower contrast, the corners are absolutely blurred. BOKEH: centre circular/ midframe + corners lancet shaped

A/4: Acceptable contrast and sharpness in the centre, corners are blurred… BOKEH: centre + midframe circular/ + corners tendency: lancet shaped

A/5.6: Contrast becomes better, centre sharpness is improved, corners are still soft.. BOKEH: centre + midframe + corners: circular

A/8: Contrast becomes a little bit better than A 5.6. The corners seems to be sharp as the centre.

A11: It seems to be that there is a little improvement when comparing with A=8 A/16 and A/22: works still good

Lets speaks the TRIOPLAN-PAINTINGS to us
The extreme effect of spoap bubble bokeh is here excluded






Crystallisation 1



4.0 Paintings
Please have a look at the change of the lancet effect between 2.8 and 4.0


5.6 Paintings

- sharp when stopped down starting at A 5.6 better 8.0
- unique bokeh,  see examples
- great for portraits
- low weight telephoto lens
- good handling and build quality


- softness when shot wide open, blurred  corners
- sensitive in extreme light conditions ghost/flare
- minimum focusing distance of “only” 110 cm, use of extensions tubes for macro
- rare, highly collectible and very expensive 400 - 550 Euro,  April 2017