DOMIPLAN Meyer Görlitz 50: 2.8: a BOKEH BUBBLE LENS

DOMIPLAN Meyer Görlitz 50: 2.8:

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The lens is a simple COOKE TRIPLET !


Cooke Triplet wiki

made by Meyer Görlitz

Meyer Görlitz

Lens data are published in

Domiplan allphotolenses


You can get great results, especially this  lens construction,

3 lenses in 3 groups, 

can give some outstanding BOKEH effects: circular dots/ "bubble" structures,

Please notice, that reflections from surfaces are needed to get it!

Here are samples: first normal bokeh, than the bubble bokeh.

First images Sony 77, last sample Nikon D750 plus converter


Normal Bokeh 1

Normal Bokeh 2

Bubble Bokeh 1


Bubble Bokeh 2:


Bubble Bokeh 3


Bubble Bokeh 4: 


Bubble Bokeh 5

 Bubble Bokeh 6




- Not the sharpest lens, but  a lens with a special soul of bokeh effects!

- Its cheap to get!


DOMIPLAN plus a 2x converter (here KIRON MC7) gives also a great soap bubble bokeh (Nikon D750)