Trinar projection lens: a forgotten lens

Introduction to TRINAR and Zeiss Ikon slide projector

Rocdenstock produced a Cooke Triplet the TRINAR family.

More details about that lens family - please have look at:

Soap Bubble Bokeh: The Cooke Triplet family TRIOPLAN and OTHERS

Some historical details about Rodenstock.


Zeiss Ikon produced a lot of different photo equipment also slide projectors.

Some historical information about Zeiss Ikon.


Fortunately, I found an old slide projector made by Zeiss Ikon equipped with a TRINAR 100 2.8. However,  I could not find a name of the projector.

Here is an shot.

I mounted the lens at a D750.

Now lets have a lokk at the results.

1. Bubble Bokeh

Title: Over

Title: Follow Rivers

Title: BubbleDrinking

Title: TulipsWithHeadlights

Title: Catch&Release


2. Gereral Bokeh

Title: OhHappyDay

Title: S-Tree



3. Portrait application

Title: Searching


Wonder how funny that lens works:

- Bubble bokeh

- Soft bokeh

- Useful for portraits